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A’wight mayte! (In other words hello mate hehe)

Hello you beautiful lot,

Sorry I havent posted in a while, but I have updated my site for your viewing pleasure, I have put up some of my head shots that the magnificent Ian Robinson kindly shot for me. I have been a busy little bee recently, coming back home for a week so I can relax a bit and see my family and friends that I have missed so much. Next week I will be recording some new tracks to (hopefully) please your ears. 

Stay sweet people (failing that, be sour, it makes brilliant stand up :P) 



The sun is out. The sky is blue. Not a cloud to spoil the view but it’s freezing (freezing in my bath)

Hello wonderful people, 

Hope everyone has had wonderful weeks so far. I have, had a lovely week with my boyfriend thinking up lots and lots of ideas for my groups creating performance piece. I have also been worrying about my showreel a lot recently, so when I mentioned it to my flatmates (who just so happen to be on the TV and Film course here. Faaaate?!) she said she had just so happened to have written a piece that needed a girl. Bobs your uncle, fanny’s your aunt and I will now have a new piece to use on my showreel and to add to my CV. Very very happy! 

Its a piece that consists of 5 monologues that are the 5 stages of emotion you go through when breaking up with someone. Today we shot the 4th scene…in the bath. So I donned my bikini (and a lot of bubbles) and did this piece in front of all 3 of my flatmates (Lizzie, who actually studies Crime Scene Science became our runner-and she was brilliant at it, even when she had to shoot outside) It was absolutely freezing, and a huge challenge, its probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do as a performer, but I loved it. 

Stay warm people! (Failing that, turn the heating on) 


Lines, Lines, Lines (either that or I’m looking through a blind again…)

Hello beautiful people!

Hope you’ve all been keeping well. I am seeing lines everywhere and boy howdy do I have to learn them. (I’m apparently Texan or something now) I’m learning monologues for my showreel, which will be with you guys by next month, when Im in beautiful Medway (yeah right…). I have really been missing home of late, January seems like so long ago!

As well as learning lines I seriously need to get a wiggle on writing some for my Creating Performance piece. I have some interesting ideas surrounding a trolley and possibly a kebab shop. So keep watching this space for more updates.

Keep on Trucking (failing that keep on walking)

University has given me a great insight into this piece. Heres an example.

They say the camera adds 10lbs (but that 10lbs of chocolate tasted so good…)

This blog entry is dedicated to Ian Robinson at Smoggywood Productions.

This guy is a fantastic photographer, he in fact did the photos used on my photos page of The Balcony. You can see that he caught the grace and beauty of the scenes with his lens and I think this needs to be applauded! Ian also writes and directs drama pieces so he’s a pretty remarkable guy really! Go look at his facebook and check out his work!

Check it out guys!

Stay wonderful (failing that, look like you are)


The pen is mightier than the sword. (We’ll see…)

Hello again my lovely viewers! Hope you have all had lovely funny weeks?! I am happy to report that I am in Derby having some time off from the uni rat race! (A weekend, my liver will thank me) I have exciting developments on the Creating Performance front, me and the dream team have sorted out our job roles within the group. Lauren is our very experienced Production Manager (after the balcony, she proved herself to be an absolute saint, so I am very happy to be working with her), Laura is our Director, which I think she will be brilliant at, as she seems very hands on in explaining things, if someone doesn’t understand what she is saying, she will get up and show them what she means, which I think is an excellent trait as a director, and then theres me. I get to do exactly what I wanted to do and write the piece! It is going to be an exciting, light-hearted comedy about 6 teenagers the morning after the night before. Think screwball and you’re well on your way! Anyway you beautiful lot, I am off to buy a note pad and walk in the gorgeous sunshine!

Ice-creams for all! (Except me, I’m on a diet….)

When did my life come to this? *boohoo*

Now here’s where it could get interesting (definitely will…promise :D)

So, for the last few weeks I have been seriously pondering on what to do my Creating Performance module on. For ages my heart was telling me that a musical was definitely what I wanted to do, but then I thought back to my comedy module (which I found out  the other day I got a 2:2 for, I wasn’t overjoyed, but it was expected and I know how to improve but I digress…) and remembered how much fun I found writing comedy sketches and stand up comedy. Its a gift to be able to intentionally make people laugh, and I think I might have a little spark of it, so as well as pursuing a career in teaching in the future and acting, I’d also like to keep writing as I find it therapeutic and fun! I’m being dryer than a martini on drag night aren’t I? Hell! Anyway I was approuched by two other people in my class today who said that they were also working with comedy and asked if I would like to join them. Snapped their hands off! So the new dream team is Laura Finch, Lauren Moncur and Yours Truly! I told you it could get interesting…

Keep it cool (failing that, nerds are in right now!!)

See, I told you nerds are cool!


Bonjour! (Ok, I used up all my French now…)

Hello, you wonderful lot! I am Amy English and this is my professional blog! Included there are videos of my acting and singing experiences. I’ve known for about 10 years now that I seriously wanted to be a performer, although if you’d asked me as a 5 year old what I wanted to be when I was ‘grown up’ I would have told you a pop star everytime (and then probably sang at you until I was bored). Anyway, I intend to update this blog regularly and let you all know what I am up to.

Stay Beautiful (failing that, stay hilarious!)